Anonymous asked:

how much valium (diazepam) would u have to take to overdose?

Its very hard to overdose on valium almost immpossible to kill yourself ! Anyway dont even try believe me life can be beautiful no matter of what happend to someone in the past ! All humans deserve to be happy you do to !!!

Anonymous asked:

So like my mom was taking methadone for like 6 years because she was like addicted to opiats or some shit and I just wanted to know if that was normal?

What is your definition of normal ? But yes in my opinion its normal for an opiat addict to take methadone for a couple of years sometimes even forever !

You know you are a junkie when …

You have just been to jail so you couldnt post anything on your tumblr blig for a while =) !!!

I will start again this week. I have had a lot of trouble recently . But wil answer all your questions in the next couple of weeks ! Im in a detox facility at the moment so i am i little busy ,but  that might just be the right place to find a lot of new funny quotes hahaha =)